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<<Cosmos Quartet: closeness, sensitivity, and imagination · 

Vitality is one of the hallmarks that perpetually fuels the musical trajectory of the Cosmos Quartet. Youthfulness and joy are perfectly combined with reflection and professional seriousness. The imagination imbued in their works has a poetic quality that further increases this appeal. A project like the recording of Brahms' string quartets, in dialogue with the possible influences that were leading the way and the expression of current creations that maintain the format of the genre, fits wonderfully with the quartet’s philosophy and brings to the table new ways of listening to music. >>

Juan Ángel Vela del Campo


"The art of the Cosmos Quartet operates the mystery of beauty, with rigour and a series of demands sine quibus non. No music would exist without a high degree of effort and sacrifice, hours of reading and physical gymnastics; the latter being ergonomically necessary to avoid muscular contractions. But once achieved, technique, which is by definition cold, is put to the service of the emotional warmth that it strains to transmit. “[…] don’t become emotional to cause emotion”, said Umberto Eco stretching things a bit (…). 


The Cosmos Quartet control bowing technique to perfection, from tip to heel, with a robust legato, a very refined staccato, the appropriate moderation of vibrato and an emission of sound that is as austere when playing forte as extrovert in piano. Everything is organised so that each of the four voices sings as a principal character in order to merge polyphonically in the unanimous principal character of the chamber ensemble itself."

Antoni Batista

Cosmos Quartet · Beethoven: String Quartet Op.132 - III. Molto adagio “Heiliger Dankgesang”
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